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ResultsAnalyzer™ Information

What is ResultsAnalyzer™? ResultsAnalyzer is a software tool that allows users to instantly access educator candidate, test, and program data. With ResultsAnalyzer, users have the capability to:

  • Create relevant and timely reports on candidate and educator preparation program test results
  • Customize data queries to align with educator preparation program goals and areas of interest
  • Aggregate performance data across testing program years
  • Export data to Excel or other report software and print graphics
  • Analyze candidate and educator preparation program data for numerous variables (including self-reported data such as gender and ethnicity)

Reports generated using ResultsAnalyzer™ do not replace ASCII files generated by Evaluation Systems and provided to educator preparation programs and the state, which continue to be provided.

How do I Access ResultsAnalyzer? This tool is available to users who currently have access to their educator preparation program data files through the score-reporting website Once logged in, users will see that two ResultsAnalyzer links are available in the Education Reports menu: Test Data and Examinee Data. Select these links to launch ResultsAnalyzer.

How do I get started using ResultsAnalyzer? An online tutorial, ResultsAnalyzer: Getting Started, is available within the ResultsAnalyzer application; select the Support tab to open or download this tutorial. Be sure to also review the Interpretive Notes tab, which provides important information on the use and interpretation of the data.

What reports are available in ResultsAnalyzer? ResultsAnalyzer was designed primarily for use in program improvement; it has been designed to provide the user with results reports tailored to your specific reporting needs. ResultsAnalyzer enables you to conduct more in depth analysis of the test data for the educator preparation program.

At the program level—

  • ResultsAnalyzer is intended to enable educator preparation programs to look at program information and educator preparation candidate information in ways that would support the EPPs' goals for program improvement.
  • You can look at pass rates over time by test.
  • You can look at major content areas within a test to review candidate strengths and weaknesses.

At the candidate level—

  • ResultsAnalyzer is intended to provide information about an individual's performance to guide preparation.
  • ResultsAnalyzer enables you to quickly look up a candidate and their testing history.

For example, you can create a test results report that shows pass rates for any test for a specific program year or group of program years. You can then further filter your report to show pass rates for first-time test takers only. Results are displayed in tabular form, and in some cases in graphical formats, such as bar graphs, for ease of interpretation.

Examinee-Level Reports

  • The Examinee Roster presents examinee-level data, including examinee name, test name, test date, educator preparation program type, and the examinee's pass/fail status on the test.
  • The Examinee Scores view provides examinee-level data, including examinee name, test name, test date, the examinee's status on the test, and total scaled score earned on the test (for examinees who did not pass).

Test-Level Reports

  • The Test Summary provides educator preparation program and statewide results by test, including the total number of examinees, the number and percent of examinees with pass and fail status, and the mean total scaled score.
  • The Subarea Summary provides educator preparation program and statewide data, including the total number of examinees and mean performance index for each component of a test.
  • The Pass Rate Analysis presents educator preparation program and statewide data, including pass rates by attempt and program year and cumulative pass rates.
  • The Retake Analysis provides pass rates by attempt (e.g., first attempt, second attempt) and cumulative pass rates for a test.
  • The Test Date Analysis provides educator preparation program and statewide pass rate data by test date, including the total number of tests taken, the percent of examinees earning a pass status, the number of first-time test takers and their pass rate, and the number of retakers and their pass rate.

What level of support is available if I have questions? Evaluation Systems provides both technical and product support for ResultsAnalyzer and will assist with both hardware and report design questions.

  • If you experience technical difficulties in accessing the reporting website or are receiving an error message of any type, please contact Evaluation Systems Technical Support at or (800) 998-3787.
  • If after participating in a training session and/or reviewing the tutorial, ResultsAnalyzer™: Getting Started, you still have questions about the data you are reviewing or need help generating a specific report, contact ResultsAnalyzer™ support at In your message, be sure to include your name, phone number, and educator preparation program name.