Requesting Additional Time

The test session is designed to allow sufficient time to complete the test. Examinees may find the allotted testing time to be more than enough to complete the test, even if they have needed extra time on other tests they have taken in the past.

For Examinees with Disabilities

If, however, you have a documented disability and you feel you need extra time for testing, you may submit a request for alternative testing arrangements when you register for the test. If you are requesting additional time, please note that time and a half is the typical time extension allowed. Include in your request the amount of additional time requested. Please note that all requests for additional time require supporting documentation. Testing must be completed within one test administration day and all requests for additional time are subject to approval.

For Individuals for Whom English Is Not a Primary Language

Individuals for whom English is not a primary language may request an extension of testing time, up to one-and-a-half times the standard test session length. Please note that testing must be completed within one test administration day and that all requests for additional time require appropriate documentation and are subject to approval.

To request additional time for this reason, you must

  1. complete your test registration; and
  2. submit a completed Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form; and
  3. submit documentation that certifies that English is not your primary language. This documentation should be
    • in the form of a statement by an authorized representative of your institution of higher education (e.g., bilingual program coordinator, dean) who is able to certify that English is not your primary language;
    • presented on official institution letterhead; and
    • signed by the authorized individual, including his or her printed name and position;


    • (for individuals born outside of the United States, in a country where English is not the primary official language) a copy of your birth certificate or visa.